A4Avisory: The New Project Originated from the Cooperation between Studio Righini and GWA

A4advisory is a project originated from mthe cooperation between Studio Righini and GWA Shanghai that provides comprehensive legal, tax, financial and outsourcing solutions to International groups of companies in a wide range of cross-border and domestic transactions in Europe and China.

A4 supports companies to achieve their goals providing high quality, ethical counsel and strategic advice, tailored on their needs and able to anticipate and prevent future problems overcoming cultural and regulatory diversities.

With a team of expert professionals with over 20 years of experience and a deep knowledge of local and international regulations, A4advisory creates tailored services to ensure a correct transnational communication within overseas headquarters and subsidiaries.

Studio Righini has been operating in North of Italy for 50 years as a firm of accountants, auditors and lawyers; with its consulting services, guarantees quality and expertise to a wide range of clients, supports the Italian and foreign entrepreneur investor operating in Italy.

GWA Shanghai is an International consulting firm operating in China since 2004. With its headquarters in Shanghai, GWA assists its Clients in a wide range of cross border and domestic transactions and offers a strong network of reliable alliances and partnerships around Asia and Europe.

With offices in the financial capitals of China and Italy, Shanghai and Milan, A4adisory managers and staff will interact with a wide network of administrative and commercial relationships.

A4advisory, as a facilitator between business processes, redefines the way to create new business and helps to manage the difficulties of operating with foreign branches, understanding the cultural diversity of the clients and the difficulties that the current global situation put on the table of business.


A4advisory services are mainly focused on:

  • M&A activities;
  • Legal and Tax Due Diligence;
  • Internal Audit and Compliance;
  • Accounting Reclassification and DTA Application;
  • Human Resources Management.

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