China is rapidly transitioning to electronic invoices (e-invoices), driven by government efforts to streamline tax collection and reduce fraud. This transformation is centered around the 'fapiao,' an official invoice that serves both as a receipt and a tax tracking tool.


Understanding Fapiao Types


- General VAT Fapiao: Used for B2C and tax-free transactions.

- Special VAT Fapiao: Used for B2B transactions and allows VAT deductions.

- E-fapiao: A Game Changer


China launched a voluntary e-invoicing pilot program in 2020, focusing on Special VAT Fapiao. The fully digitalized e-fapiao simplifies the process, eliminates the need for special tax control equipment, and offers dynamic adjustments to the maximum invoice amount per taxpayer.


Continued Expansion

E-fapiao adoption is expanding across various regions, showcasing China's commitment to modernizing invoicing systems, improving efficiency, and enhancing transparency for businesses.

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