GWA took part at the debate with Shanghai Government about IP policies

On October 24th , 2019, a few governmental agencies and seven companies from different sectors met at the Shanghai Administration of Market Regulation Quality and Technology Bureau (上海市质量技术监督局) where a round table was held  to discuss IP policies, status of trademark and brand protection within the Shanghai Municipality and the development of “Shanghai Standard” and “Shanghai Quality Brand Construction”.

Government officials leaded by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation had held a hearing for representatives of multisector companies, to bring out current issues regarding IP policies, trademark and brand protection.

During a three-hour debate, domestic and foreign companies had discussed the possibilities and benefits of being recognized as part of the “Shanghai Standard” community (and “Shanghai Brand” reserved to local companies only).

In addition, the invited companies had addressed the topic of brand and trademark protection in Shanghai, reporting both improvements as well as encountered difficulties in developing and protecting their brands directly to the officials, who in return specifically proposed tailored solutions for future improvement.

The local subsidiaries of Michelin and Philips as well as a few major local brands (including F&B leader company) participated in this event.

Consultancy sector was also represented by local trademark agency office and GWA Greatway Advisory was the only foreign firm and foreign consultant to take part at the meeting. 

Our Senior Associate Filippo Sticconi attended the event and presented a few case-studies to the officials, based on our Firm experience with foreign clients in PRC. 

Establishing dedicated channel of communications to exchange opinions on important matters, is a step forward to further improve and grow the business environment.

The local government of Shanghai Municipality seems to take it seriously.

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