Operating Business during the COVID-19 outbreak

Following the current spread of COVID-2019 (c.d. coronavirus) in China, it is crucial for foreign investors to understand how to reorganize their business during the peak of the epidemic, rationalizing resources, fighting risks and avoiding missteps.

In addition to compliance with special health and legal obligations imposed by rules and regulations issued ad hoc, it is advisable for companies operating in China to adopt additional precautions dictated by contingent factors as well as by standards, in order to expose as little as possible the staff and/or clients and collaborators to unnecessary risks. It is necessary to plan carefully and implement measures to safeguard the interests of the company in the long term.

In this regard, this guide includes practical advice in order to optimize human resources and the performance of remote services, keep staff morale high and rethink the business model in view of a temporary increase in operating costs compared to revenues.

Given the sudden change in the situation and the succession of government interventions to prevent the spread and to assist companies in the recovery phase, it remains essential, even for the coming weeks, the need for operators in China to maintain a high level of attention to national and local government initiatives and to obtain information through the consultation of experts .

It is vital at the moment to keep up with the new obligations, not to lose the opportunity to exploit certain subsidies and benefits, including those that will be issued in the next few days, in order to overcome the crisis as best as possible.

The full guide can be downloaded in the link below.

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