Annual Statutory Compliance

We support our clients during the with annual Statutory Audit, Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Settlement and Annual Inspection.

Our tax specialists who have extensive experience in dealing with China’s tax officials can help our clients prepare for a tax audit and handling queries from tax officials.

We also offer tax-risk assessment for enterprises to identify tax risk areas to correct prior to a tax audit. Our Annual Statutory Compliance Services include:

Annual Statutory Audit

We help our clients with annual audit that must be conducted by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), authorized to operate in the country (China or Vietnam).

It is a mandatory compliance requirement for all foreign invested enterprises in China for example and allows companies to distribute dividends back to the home country and avoid extra expense and penalties.

Through the annual audit process, we can help businesses find mistakes in day-to-day operations to improve financial reports in accordance with local accounting standards and ensure that accounting data is presented appropriately.

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Settlement

We can also help with the steps following the audit report and proceed with the Annual Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Filing.

We support companies in case of deficient payment or overpayment, to apply for reimbursement or payment of supplementary tax.

Annual Inspection

We can support in the completion of all the procedures and requirements of the Annual Inspections conducted by several departments of the government and to file accounts according to local reporting requirements.

Our team of highly experienced accountants and financial professionals assist our clients during the annual inspection process and all the financial reporting requirements, handling all the bureaucracy.