Corporate Matters and Incorporation

In this area we can advise on the legal incorporation of a company in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy and, more in general, Asia and Europe by handling prior negotiation, contracts, other documents preparation and government formalities procedures.

We are well equipped to advise on the best way to structure business entities to meet goals and maximize operational efficiency.

Our staff can advise on all matters related to Foreign invested enterprises, establishment of PRC companies, (former) Joint Ventures and Branch offices as well as establishment of companies all around Asia and all around Europe.

We provide full company formation and registration services, which may include:

  • Consultancy on local formal incorporation and type of entity;
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and any other legal documents needed for registration;
  • Preparation and filing of registration application to competent Trade Registry;
  • Registration at Fiscal Authorities – for VAT, CIT;
  • Registration of any required special business license;
  • Registration of share capital and current bank account(s);
  • Information on any legal compliance changes related to the company;
  • Representation in front of the local authorities.

In addition, we can arrange all the necessary documentation for opening a bank account for the newly established company and provide its administration.