Commercial Law and International Trade

In this area we can provide the best advice on every kind of commercial contract from complex cases to ordinary operations combining legal knowledge with deep sector experience and covering the full spectrum of commercial and business law issues.

We have extensive experience in supporting cross-border transactions in all major industries focusing on avoiding disputes and litigation by drafting and negotiating appropriate and enforceable contracts.

In particular we can:

  • Negotiate new contracts;
  • Revise existing contracts;
  • Draft and review general sales and purchase conditions for goods and services;
  • Negotiate with agencies and distributors for wholesale, retail and direct sales.

During contracts preparation we can easily handle the main key issues related, such as:

  • Liability and warranty;
  • Delivery and transfer of risk;
  • Prices and terms of payment;
  • Obligation to give notice of defects and inspection of the goods;
  • Retention of title;
  • Force majeure;
  • Appoint disputes resolution court;
  • Appoint arbitral tribunals.